New PDF release: Car Trouble

By Jeanne Duprau

ISBN-10: 0060736755

ISBN-13: 9780060736750

ISBN-10: 0061923400

ISBN-13: 9780061923401

Whilst Duff's Ford Escort breaks down after slightly 100 miles, he makes use of his machine and a few fast pondering to piece jointly how to proceed his journey. What he does not plan on are the characters he meets alongside the line, together with a hitchhiker with a mystery, an aspiring singer with a con artist for a mom, a number of thugs, and a carsick terrier.

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That gave him $350 in his pocket in addition to the $810 in his checking account. Another guy was at the station along with Dave this time—a young guy with long, stringy hair who was crouched down beside the wheel of a jacked-up car. He seemed to be working on the car, though he didn’t 38 The Guy in the Wi l d Shi rt look much like a mechanic. He had on a wild shirt printed with tropical birds in blazing red, yellow, orange, and purple. He wore a little gold loop in one ear. He had on shorts that showed his pale, hairy legs, and on his feet were sandals with complicated black straps.

Hi,” Duff said into the phone. ” He paused. “And forty seconds,” said the operator. “Yeah,” Duff said. “I wanted to ask you a question. ” He paused again, listening to the time lady say, “At the tone, the time will be . ” 48 The Guy in the Wi l d Shi rt Then he said, in a surprised voice, “Really? That’s great. ” and pressed the Off button. ” said Stu. It was sort of touching, how pleased he looked. His eyebrows went way up, and his eyes got round. “Yeah,” said Duff. “They don’t mind. I’m taking the car to St.

I’m working on it,” Duff said. ” His car was sitting off by itself with its hood up. Somehow it already looked like a piece of abandoned junk. He walked back to the motel very slowly, trying to give Carl plenty of time to find his message and answer it. Sure enough, a reply was waiting for him: Great. Yr only 20 miles away. Who are u? Duff wrote back: On my way to CA to start job in Silicon Valley. Car broke down. Need wheels ASAP. Can u bring car here? Right away, he got this answer: OK!!!!!! Tell me where.

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