Call to Arms...: The Dominion War Book 2 (Star Trek Deep by Diane Carey PDF

By Diane Carey

ISBN-10: 0671024973

ISBN-13: 9780671024970

Captain Sisko and the Deep area 9 crew needs to give you the option to shut down the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant earlier than the full Federation is enslaved by way of the kingdom.

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Break off from the main flank and bear down upon the Defiant. Fire at will. " A little vulturish light flickered in Damar's eyes. Steering the ship was gratifying enough under these crowded and challenging conditions, swinging and surging in and out of the station's claws, under hostile fire the whole time, while also avoiding an outright crash with any of the other dozens of ships, but to have a specific target was charming. Then the maneuver became a great game in which life itself and power were the prizes.

Do you see this small mechanism on each mine? This demarkation? That is a replicator housing. If we detonate a mine, those around it will replicate the mine until the field is complete again. We will waste time, waste energy, waste weapons--so at least for a time there will be no reinforcements. You see, we are not fighting peasants. " As cryptic as his words may have been, Dukat enjoyed lathering Weyoun with the sheer experience of a fighting past. Weyoun moved away--another benefit to a slight upper hand.

Dax insisted. " Worf glared briefly at Martok. " Sisko drifted back in the chair and muffled a grin. Ah, somebody else's problems. It was as relaxing as the game of the week. " Standing his ground, Worf's normally severe expression became even more severe. After all, a man had certain principles to stand by, and the slaughter of the ritual beast at a Klingon wedding was right up there with honor, dignity, and the saving of the Federation from evil empires. Wasn't it? " This from a Klingon who had lived about as untraditional a life as any ever had.

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