New PDF release: Cadillac Beach

By Tim Dorsey

ISBN-10: 0060794151

ISBN-13: 9780060794156

ISBN-10: 0061172030

ISBN-13: 9780061172038

And busting out of Chattahoochee kingdom medical institution ... with out his meds! The thrill-killing Floridaphile must unravel his bookie grandad's strange 1964 dying -- let alone release "Serge & Lenny's Florida Experience," the recent Miami forte travel enterprise he is cooked up along with his top brain-dead druggie-buddy. it is all solid. For Serge A. Storms, besides. no longer lots for an individual else.

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Tim Dorsey's Cadillac Beach PDF

And busting out of Chattahoochee kingdom health center . .. with out his meds! The thrill-killing Floridaphile must resolve his bookie grandad's strange 1964 demise -- let alone release "Serge & Lenny's Florida Experience," the recent Miami strong point travel enterprise he is cooked up together with his top brain-dead druggie-buddy.

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Of course they know each other,” said Miller. “Look at the anger in Tony’s face. ” Serge leaned down to kiss Tony’s hand. Tony yanked it away. ” He spun to his bodyguards. ” A group of bent-nose men in black turtlenecks shrugged with overplayed not-guilty expressions. “You idiots! ” yelled Serge. ” C A D I L L A C B E A C H | 4 1 Miller quickly reloaded another roll of Kodak. “Whoa! Whoa! Look at this! They’re getting into it! ” “I can’t believe he shoved Tony like that,” said Bixby. ” Click, click, click.

The pair felt their way in the darkness. “I can’t see a thing,” said Lenny. ” Lenny lit a joint. ” “It sensitizes my optic nerves. And settles my stomach. This place is not relaxing at all. . ” There was a clattering sound on the floor, followed by a metal clang and a distant liquid plunk. ” Lenny got on his hands and knees. ” They continued stumbling and feeling their way, led only by the glow of Lenny’s joint. ” “I think I found a couch,” said Lenny. ” “I found a mannequin,” said Serge. “Must be prop storage.

A voice-activated digital memo recorder was ducttaped to a shaved spot in the middle of his chest. ” asked Lenny. Serge looked up at the AAA Florida road map glued to the ceiling. “Just passed the Lantana exit. ” “Lantana? ” Serge nodded. ” “Tabloids are the great equalizer,” said Serge. ” said Lenny. ” Lenny glanced at the joint in his hand. “Must be the pot. ” “My bad,” said Serge. Lenny stubbed out his roach, then unfurled a Baggie in his lap and pulled out a pack of papers. Serge rearranged the sticky notes on his legs, shook his head, changed them back.

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