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By Alan Dean Foster

ISBN-10: 0345280660

ISBN-13: 9780345280664

Cachalot - landless ocean planet, in the past reserved by way of guy as a shelter for the good sea-creatures they'd hunted with reference to extinction. Scattered people lived peacefully in floating townships, until eventually sooner or later anything rose from the deep destroying all in its direction.

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Cora asked. " "Tales from the past," Latehoht murmured. " "We do nott go back to the pasts," Wenkoseemansa said sternly. " He sounded upset. " In tandem they shot forward past the bow. "Wait! I didn't mean…" She took off the headset, explained to Sam what had happened. "I've offended them, haven't I? " He spoke very quietly. "Many of them hold the stories sent down through the generations raised on this world. They have no mechanical memories, but those huge brains of theirs can retain much more than we can.

He thumbed a switch on the side of the generator. The beam broadened slightly. He turned it on the sand he held. It was as if he had dipped his hand into the treasure chest of some ancient mogul or pirate. Under the ultraviolet beam the hexalate grains fluoresced brilliantly in a hundred shades, sawdust shaved from a rainbow. The glow did not have the blinding prismatic harshness created by sunlight. Instead, the colors were soft and rich, gentle on the eyes. The light winked out, but to her delight the colors remained.

Hwoshien put his left foot up on the low flange that edged the dock, his left hand on his hip, and pointed with his right. " His finger traced the horizon. "Stretch your eyes. Travel any direction you choose and you will likely circumnavigate this world without ever seeing land. Cachalot's land lies beneath its waters, beneath a fluid, unstable atmosphere we have only just begun to understand. Man is still more at home in interstellar space than in the medium of his birth. "This is home to the creatures that have evolved here, home also to the cetacean settlers, but it can never be that to those of us here on Mou'anui or to those out on the floating towns.

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