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H"); } public delegate void EmptyDelegate(); shows an example of each kind of type declaration. Later clauses describe type declarations in detail. 1 Predefined types C# provides a set of predefined types, most of which will be familiar to C and C++ developers. The predefined reference types are object and string. The type object is the ultimate base type of all other types. The type string is used to represent Unicode string values. Values of type string are immutable. The predefined value types include signed and unsigned integral types, floating-point types, and the types bool, char, and decimal.

Two expressions of type object are considered equal if both refer to the same object, or if both are null. • Two expressions of type string are considered equal if the string instances have identical lengths and identical characters in each character position, or if both are null. WriteLine((object)s == (object)t); } } produces the output True False because the first comparison compares two expressions of type string, and the second comparison compares two expressions of type object. 2 Conversions The predefined types also have predefined conversions.

4 Properties A property is a member that provides access to a characteristic of an object or a class. Examples of properties include the length of a string, the size of a font, the caption of a window, the name of a customer, and so on. Properties are a natural extension of fields. Both are named members with associated types, and the syntax for accessing fields and properties is the same. However, unlike fields, properties do not denote storage locations. Instead, properties have accessors that specify the statements to be executed when their values are read or written.

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