New PDF release: Bulldogs!

By Brennan Taylor

Bulldogs! is a kick-ass science-fiction video game utilizing the d20 system.

This video game is action-packed and contains new sci-fi races, sessions, feats, talents, and guns in addition to a process with the intention to generate your individual sci-fi races and an acclaimed area wrestle method that places the emphasis at the characters instead of deep area physics

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If you pick up a visible object. the object remains visible. If you are coated with some substance, like flour, you are visible, at least until the substance falls off or blows off. You leave tracks while invisible and can be tracked normally. Footprints in sand , mud, or other Ability Cost: soft surfaces can give enemies a clue to your location. While in water you displace liquid, Your race has eyes that are so sensitive to light that they can see twice as far as normal revealing your location.

They are thoroughly integrated into the ga- When they are angered, though, Tetsuashans lactic society. are quite tenacious about settling the score. When tested in a real danger situation, Tetsuashans will react with their usual aplomb. Tetsuashans never panic and betray very little fear of anything. Physical Description: Tetsuashans are about three feet tall and sluglike, with a muscular pad upon which they walk (or slide) and a single eye in the center of their face, directly above Names: Tetsuashans have mushy, round sounding names.

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