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By Louis L'Amour

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Lawman, manhunter, peacemaker--it takes a difficult breed of guy to outlive as a Texas Ranger, yet Chick Bowdrie stands head and shoulder above the remaining. The tough trails are his domestic, from the large Thicket to the Pecos to the border. he is dried through the desolate tract solar and wind, scarred and toughened through uncounted gun battles, and should you investigate his black eyes it truly is like taking a look down the barrels of 2 .44s with their hammers drawn again. He rides within the identify of justice, yet he lives by way of his personal law--Bowdrie's legislations. And if you are considering strolling at the mistaken part of Bowdrie legislation, you'll greater commence operating. quick.

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Next time you better choose better comp’ny. ” He opened the wounded man’s shirt. The one low down on the left side looked ugly, but the other shot had hit Doyle’s heavy metal belt buckle and glanced off, ripping the skin across his stomach for a good six inches, but the wound was only a bad scratch. ” “Not too bad. You’ll live, most likely. I’ll patch you up some when I get time. ” He thumbed cartridges into his guns, holstering the left one. His hand was still numb, but if necessary . . ” Doyle asked.

He chawed tobacco, an’ especially when he was nervous or bothered by somethin’. He reached for his tobacco an’ Aaron shot him. “It happened so quick nobody had time to move or speak. Clyde Ballard swore, and then they made a run for their horses and rode off. ” Chick was silent. He looked at the rye whiskey in his glass and thought of Joanie. Only a few months before he had ridden up to their ranch as close to death as a man is apt to get, with three bullet holes in him and having lost a great deal of blood.

A half-hour after breakfast he was in the saddle, riding east. When well out from the ranch, he swung in a wide circle until he picked up the sign of Crilley’s horse. He rode swiftly, making good time. Ahead of him the trail dipped into a dry wash and turned away from the hills. He followed until the trail came to a clear stream of water, less than a foot deep and flowing over a sand-and-gravel bottom. Bowdrie swung down for a drink and let his horse drink, on the theory that a man never knew what might happen.

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