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By G.A. Deissmann

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Extra resources for Bible Studies. Contributions chiefly from Papyri and Inscriptions

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16 . T o clas s (c ) I ma y appen d a not e o n e h drdyri/iriy , which in Mt 27" (S-text) an d 1 Th 4 " take s a genitive . ^ , whic h i s give n b y H E a s it s origina l i n 2 9 places, a s agains t 1 6 wit h dative . , an d other s ar e often occurring : I coun t al l place s where on e of th e primar y authorities ha s els air. with gen . o r dat . representin g "* \ I n additio n ther e ar e a fe w places where th e phras e answer s to a differen t original ; als o 1 ex . wit h gen . an d 3 wit h dat .

W e ar e justifie d b y these consideration s in examinin g eac h N T writer' s languag e firs t b y itself, an d then i n connexio n wit h tha t o f hi s fellow-contributors t o th e sacred volume ; an d w e ma y allo w ourselve s t o retai n th e original forc e o f distinction s whic h wer e dyin g o r dea d i n every-day parlance , when there is a sufficien t bod y of internal evidence. O f cours e w e shal l no t b e tempte d t o us e thi s argument whe n the whol e of our evidenc e denies a particula r survival t o Hellenisti c vernacular : i n suc h a cas e w e could only fin d th e locutio n a s a definit e literar y revival , rarel y possible i n Luk e an d th e write r t o th e Hebrews , an d just conceivable i n Paul .

On Lystra, se e p. 233. ) * Jewish People, II. i . 4 8 (=' II. 63). 8A GRAMMA R O F NE W TESTAMEN T GREEK. ledge " is implie d that th e crow d would hav e bee n unable to follow a Gree k speech . 1 W e hav e in fac t a state o f things essentiall y th e same as in Lystra. Bu t th e imperfec t knowledg e o f Gree k which ma y b e assume d fo r th e masse s i n Jerusale m an d Lystra i s decidedl y les s probabl e fo r Galile e an d Peraea . Hellenist Jews, ignorant o f Aramaic, woul d b e found ther e a s in Jerusale m ; an d th e proportio n o f foreigner s woul d b e much larger.

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