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By Norman Swartz

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The theory (next chapter) that we should prefer explanations of natural events in terms of causes rather than in terms of purposes. These latter sorts of theories must be judged on other criteria; for instance, Is the adopting of the theory useful? Does it allow us to get on better than do alternative theories? Is it simpler than alternative theories? We will return to the matter of appraising such theories later, in chapter 6, where we will examine metaphysical theories in greater detail. Theories of the sort which allow for being judged true or false do not cease to be theories when their truth or falsity becomes known.

Anxiety reveals the Nothing. … That for which and because of which we were anxious, was ‘really’ – nothing. Indeed: the Nothing itself – as such – was present. … What about this Nothing? – The Nothing itsel f nothings. ([44], 69; italics in the original; translation by Arthur Pap1) ——————— 1. J. H. Bradley: … pure spirit is not realized except in the Absolute. It can never appear as such and with its full character in the scale of existence. Perfection and individuality belong only to that Whole in which all degrees alike are at once present and absorbed.

It might strike you as rather overstated, even a bit pretentious, to call a momentarily entertained belief that someone is knocking on the window a “theory”. You may find that you want to reserve the term “theory” for something somewhat more elaborate, more specialized – Theories 25 for example, a theory about chemical reactions, or immunization, or electromagnetic radiation. You might, that is, be inclined to reserve the term “theory” exclusively for recognizably scientific contexts. g. about the cause of a noise in an apartment – as theories.

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