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By Charles Sheffield

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ISBN-10: 0743435680

ISBN-13: 9780743435680

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ISBN-13: 9780743488242

After the Nuclear Spasm within the twenty first century, homo sapiens was once extinct, retailer for a tiny remnant scattered in small, primitive house colonies. at the beginning sunlight Humanity had just one aim: survival. but if the conflict for life was once received, humankind all started relocating outward in sluggish, multi-generation house ships, and as then millennia handed, planet-based civilisations emerged in lots of famous person structures. within the 12 months 27,698 A.D, to those new worlds come the Immortals, beings with unusual ties to historic Earth, who appear to stay without end, who can go back and forth mild years in days - and who use their unusual powers to regulate the life of normal mortals. on the earth Pentecost, a small crew units out to discover and problem the Immortals. yet within the seek they themselves are replaced: as Immortals, they find a new possibility, not only to themselves, yet to the galaxy itself.

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Charlene was shocked to see that Wherry was fully conscious, and that his eyes were swivelling to follow each of the displays. There was an intensity to his expression that could have been heart stimulants, but at least that dreadful glazed and filmy look was gone. Charlene followed Wherry's look to the screen at the back of the room. A fuzzy image was building there, with a distorting pattern of green herringbone noise overlaid upon it. As the picture steadied and cleared, she realized that she was looking at Jan de Vries.

Item four: when a suit is on normal visual operation, the blackout is momentary, too brief to be noticed. But when the suit is on remote and using TV cameras instead of faceplate viewing, the scanning rates on the TV give a feedback to the brain that reinforces the blackout. Result: narcolepsy. The wearer will not break out of the cycle unless there is some external interruption. " De Vries sat silent for a few moments, then nodded. " "All right. I agree. " She closed her fist. "All of this has been known for forty years.

I think so. " Charlene couldn't answer that question, not with Salter Wherry gazing mutely at her. "Dr. Ferranti, do you have time to talk for a few moments with Dr. " The other woman looked up from her position by Wherry. "No. I've got my hands more than full here. " "Thank you," said de Vries humbly. "I'll be brief. Back on Earth there are—or were—four hospitals equipped to perform complete parietal resection, with partial removal and internal stitching of the anterior commissure. It needs special tools and a complicated pre- and post-operative drug protocol.

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