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By Sunil Weeramantry

ISBN-10: 0812922654

ISBN-13: 9780812922653

An cutting edge booklet on game-winning technique for gamers on the intermediate level--from a grasp chess trainer. each fact approximately chess needs to be coached in context, and the book's interactive teacher-student discussion does simply that. Weeramantry teaches find out how to imagine in the course of a chess video game. three hundred diagrams.

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White continues to leave both queen and rook en prise. 30... hxg4 Black can 't touch the queen : 30 ... xc2?? Ug 8+ Wf7 3 3 l hg 7 m ate. ixf8? So far Topalov has thrown every possible obstacle at Kramnik. Finally, Kramnik buckles under the force of the hurricane and blunders. He misses a defence based on a couple of problem-like interference moves. Wxf8 ! : a) 3 2 1i'h 71i'e2 3 3 1i'h 8+ Wf7 34 'ii'h s+ Wf8 3 5 1i'xg4. N ow Black saves him self with the remarkable 3 S ... ig S ! when he gets the reprieve he needs to survive the onslaught.

63 Th e S l a v: M o ve by M o ve Exercise: Black can take on f2. I s two rooks for a queen and pawn a good deal for Black? �___. xf2+1 Answer: Yes, the rooks are no match for the nimble queen, which will pick off white pawn targets. Answer: No, Black's queen soon roams about at will. Watch ! 39 'ii'xf2 %lxf2+ 40 'iftxf2 �h71 So that %lxg6 doesn't come with a check. 41 b3 'iff8+1 Throwing White's rooks out of alignment. Black's queen goes on to perform a one­ woman show for the remainder of the game.

31 l:th4 White gets tied into a knot after 31 'iVc6? fs . ts 3 2 Itfh 3 h s 3 3 1:tg3 Targeting g6 in order to hold on to f4. 3 3 'it>h7 34 l:tc3 h6! 3 5 ltg3 .. ... 'i'e7! 'W'e4+? Answer: Bl ack should probably go on to win after 36 'ii'x e4 dxe4 37 l:tc3 g S ! :txf2+ 40 g 3 l:txb2, but it m ay not be all that easy to convert in the double rook ending. Rublevsky prefers to keep queens on the board to h arass White's insecure king . hh3 36 Wh 3 'iVe8 ! picks off either the f4- or a4-pawn .

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