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By S. Ya. Khavinson

ISBN-10: 0821804227

ISBN-13: 9780821804223

This booklet bargains with difficulties of approximation of constant or bounded services of a number of variables by means of linear superposition of services which are from an analogous category and feature fewer variables. the most subject is the distance of linear superpositions $D$ regarded as a subspace of the gap of continuing features $C(X)$ on a compact house $X$. Such houses as density of $D$ in $C(X)$, its closedness, proximality, and so on. are studied in nice element. The method of those and different difficulties in keeping with duality and the Hahn-Banach theorem is emphasised. additionally, significant consciousness is given to the dialogue of the Diliberto-Straus set of rules for locating the easiest approximation of a given functionality via linear superpositions.

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4) holds, then after the removal, each one of the sequences

A,. 27) completes the proof of the theorem. 3. There exist compact sets X, Xi, ... , Xn,... and surjective mappings 'Pi : x --+ xi, i = 1, ... 'n, ... ' satisfying the following properties: 1. 28) g(x) = 91 o 'Pi 1 (x) + 92 o 'Pi2 (x) + 93 o 'Pis (x), 9k E B(Xk), k = 1, 2, 3. DISCUSSING KOLMOGOROV'S THEOREM 1. 46 2. 29) f(x) = L9i o C,Oi(x), 3. 30) is 9i o C,Oi 1 (x) f:. i2, the subspace + 92 o C,Oi 2 (x), dense in C(X). PROOF. Construction. 1. 1), there are at most countably many roots of the equation F(x) = x.

PROOF. m}, i = 1, ... , 2n + 1, m = 1, 2, ... , satisfying the following properties: (a) Each Ui,m is a finite discrete family. (b) For each m, the families {Ui,m}~,:t 1 cover X (c) As m--+ oo, 8 (Ui,m)--+ 0, i = 1, ... , 2n + 1. n n: + 1 = [2 1 ] + 1 times. §4. CONSTRUCTING FUNCTION FAMILIES SEPARATING BOREL MEASURES 31 Denote by AN a subset in C(X) 2n+l consisting of the collections (

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