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By Christopher Peacocke

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Being recognized is a reaction to a philosophical problem which arises for each quarter of inspiration: to reconcile a believable account of what's keen on the reality of statements in a given sector with a reputable account of the way we will be able to understand these statements. Christopher Peacocke provides a framework for addressing the problem, a framework which hyperlinks either the idea of information and the speculation of fact with the speculation of concept-possession.

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That is, information implying that the judgement is not knowledge is by itself sufficient to require 17 It is well known that there are examples in which an experience is a genuine perception, but if things had been only slightly different a backup mechanism would have intervened to produce the same kind of experience, regardless of whether it is veridical or not. These are, however, not cases in which the perception can yield perceptual knowledge. Nor is it rational for a thinker to take perceptual experience at face value if he has reason to believe that he may be in circumstances like this.

This goes far beyond anything derivable just from Leibniz's Law. The striking phenomenon can be explained as a consequence of the claim that the senses in these examples are epistemically individuated. Any one of these senses a is individuated in part at least in terms of the conditions under which certain contents containing it can be known by the thinker. So stating the fundamental ground of difference of a sense b from the sense a can consist in doing the following: citing circumstances, mentioned in individuating conditions for a, in which some content F(a) can be known, but which are not sufficient for F(b) to be known.

The Integration Challenge is that of showing how the methods by which we normally think we come to know contents of a given kind really do ensure the holding of the truth conditions of those contents. When those methods are mentioned in the possession condition for the problematic concept, the challenge is answered head-on if we can develop a theory of the concepts of the domain under which rationally nondiscretionary judgements involved in possession of the concept must both be true and have the status of knowledge.

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