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By Vassilios Kotronias, Andreas Tzermiadianos

ISBN-10: 0713489197

ISBN-13: 9780713489194

With this repertoire chess e-book, White gamers can have an arsenal of attacking maneuvers to defeat the Petroff-one of the most well-liked defenses opposed to 1.e4 and the alternative of champions. listed below are dozens of recent principles and theoretical techniques that the authors have rigorously built long ago years, a high-quality therapy of all strains and sidelines, and a wealth of striking and completely annotated video games from foreign competitions.

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N b5 29 :e8 1-0 Ε) tabia for the whole Petroff, only one move seems to offer chances of an advantage. The pawn οη c7 As we have already witnessed White likes to lure the enemy queen to d5 so that the central advance c3-c4, d4-d5 can be achieved with gain of time. This is not however the οηlΥ reasoning behind White's choice: with the queen οη d5 White thinks he can gain some time by developing his bishop οη f4 and hittίng the unprotected pawn οη c7. This is one of the key ideas ίη the position, for if Black meets the threat to c7 with the 'natural' ...

Fine moνe, demonstrating the 11elplessness of Black's position; White is not afraid to exchange queens as the attack persists eνen ίη rhe endgame. •:ifxf2+ 35 ~xf2 lDh7 Desperation; 35 ... e4! yields a decisiνe adνantage as it wins a rawn and maintains the attacking rnomentum. xc6 lDf8 42 Ad61-O 2 Vasiukov - Chekhov Kishnieν 1975 1 e4 e5 2 lbt3 lbf6 3 lbxe5 tnxe4?! After this, a pawn wil1 be 10st, but Black hopes that by deνeIoping fast he will acquire some compensation for ίι Nowadays, this lίne has been eclipsed from tournament pIay because Black fails to obtain substantial compensation.

Every tempo counts ίη the fight for the initiative) leads to a wider, yet still unpleasant choice for Black: 1l"c2 This is slίght1y inaccurate because ίι peπnits the B1ack knight to I'etreat, 1eaving White with an iso1ani ίη the centre. Better is 11 lLJc3! as it 100ks most appropriate for White to exp10it the situation ίη the centre ίη order to reinforce d4. For example, after 11 ... ~xc3 12 bxc3 ο-ο, 13 c4!? h4 17 g3! 'ifc5 17 ':xb7± C2d) 16... g4 17 :xb7 'ifxf3 18 gxf3± C3) 15 ... d6! 'ifh5?

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