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By Anatoly Vaïsser

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It kind of feels unfair that Black will get the entire attacking possibilities within the general strains of the King's Indian. So, take a tip from the world's No. 1 professional in a pointy procedure: surprise your competitors with the 4 Pawns assault! Vaisser indicates that Black has numerous how one can get it wrong, whereas White is risking little if he's well-prepared. His skillful research provides you with the sting you want to ship Black's king to the guillotine. a pragmatic bonus from White's perspective is that the 4 Pawns assault can be used opposed to the Benoni.

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Forcing Black's queen to the c5-square) 26 .. :iVc5 27 g5 White is better. tf2; but in reality matters are not so clear. That game continued 16 .... te2 (18 a4? ) 18 ... txc4? bxc3 21 b3 a6! txc4 ctJxc4 25 bxc4 l::rb2 26 'ii'd3 l::rd2 27 'ii'f3 f5! with a decisive advantage for Black, White should have played 20 ctJb5! At the very least, the line proposed by Nunn: 20 ... ctJxb2 21 ctJxd6 b3 22 'ii'b 1 ctJxa4 23 ctJxe8? txa 1 24 'ii'xal b2 25 'ifa2 'ii'xel +! txel bl'ii' 'and Black wins' can be improved by 23 l::ra3!

TtJe4?! tc3, Balashov-Dvoretsky, Moscow 1967, 22 iVc1! txd4+ 21 'li'xd4 ~xc4! 22 bxc4 ~e3 23 h3 ~d3 24 iVxa7 iVh4 2S ~a2 ttJe3 26 'li'b8+ cJ;g7 27 iVeS+, Pomar-Toran, Palma de Mallorca 1966, and now instead of 27 ... f6? 28 iVe7+ cJ;h6 29 ttJe4 with a large advantage for White, Black should have played 27 ... cJ;h6! 28 ttJe4 (Or 28 ~c1?! ttJxg2! with a strong attack) 28 ... ttJxfl 29 ttJf6 ttJe3 30 ttJg8+ with a perpetual check (Dvoretsky). I would not be surprised if White can improve his play in this line.

Txf6 ~xd6 27 l:tg7+ 'iith8 28 lH7+ with a perpetual check. :txg6+?! :txf6 is certainly not better for White . tf2 24 ... ~b8? 25 ttJe8! winning. 25 ~a5 25 iNc3? th4 turns the game in Black's favour. td4 ~d2 28 iNf4 iNc8 29 Main Line with 9.. lle8 39 30 ttJeS? This allows Black to achieve a theoretical draw by sacrificing his queen. xd4! cxd4 31 h3 would have retained some winning chances. 30... e6 44 'Wi d4+ 1/2_1/2 GameS Vaisser-Ibragimov Bern 1992 opment and then to prepare e4eS. ttJa6 10 Black has no less than five plausible alternatives: a) The rare 1O ..

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