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Charteris continued to eye him, and now Birrel sensed the steely, determined man inside that quiet, gray exterior. But it was Mallinson who spoke up smoothly. "We sent an invitation to Governor Solleremos for Orion to take part, of course,” he said. " Birrel thought swiftly. They're lying, they have beard something-and they're trying to find out if I've heard it too. But what? Was Orion already moving, were Orionid forces coming to Earth on the excuse of the celebration, just as the Fifth Lyra had done?

No matter where we go, you'll be Lyllin. " Her mouth became soft and uncertain, like a child's, and her eyes had tears in the corners of them now. And when he kissed her, her lips were bitter with those sudden tears. She said nothing more but he knew that she was still afraid, afraid of what Earth might do to them. In the depths of his soul, Birrel cursed Solleremos and his ambitious schemes. CHAPTER 6 The squadron took off and the blue flare of Vega dropped behind it. The cruisers and scouts and auxiliaries and transports, eighty-three in all, dwindled suddenly in scale from great ships to mere metal motes that huddled together in their flight through infinity.

Transports meant the families of all personnel would accompany the squadron, and that was a thing they never did unless the Fifth was making a rotational transfer to a completely different base. Ferdias smiled. “It's got to look peaceful, Jay, a friendly, peaceful gesture to the commemoration. " Birrel nodded, understanding now. If anyone claimed that the Fifth was going to Earth for military reasons, the fact that they were hampered with transports and dependents would argue eloquently the other way.

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