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The notice barycentric is derived from the Greek observe barys (heavy), and refers to heart of gravity. Barycentric calculus is a technique of treating geometry via contemplating some degree because the middle of gravity of sure different issues to which weights are ascribed. accordingly, specifically, barycentric calculus presents very good perception into triangle facilities. This detailed e-book on barycentric calculus in Euclidean and hyperbolic geometry presents an advent to the attention-grabbing and lovely topic of novel triangle facilities in hyperbolic geometry besides analogies they percentage with widespread triangle facilities in Euclidean geometry. As such, the ebook uncovers really good unifying notions that Euclidean and hyperbolic triangle facilities proportion. In his previous books the writer followed Cartesian coordinates, trigonometry and vector algebra to be used in hyperbolic geometry that's totally analogous to the typical use of Cartesian coordinates, trigonometry and vector algebra in Euclidean geometry. accordingly, strong instruments which are ordinarily on hand in Euclidean geometry turned on hand in hyperbolic geometry in addition, allowing one to discover hyperbolic geometry in novel methods. specifically, this new ebook establishes hyperbolic barycentric coordinates which are used to figure out a number of hyperbolic triangle facilities simply as Euclidean barycentric coordinates are known to figure out a variety of Euclidean triangle facilities. the quest for Euclidean triangle facilities is an outdated culture in Euclidean geometry, leading to a repertoire of greater than 3 thousand triangle facilities which are identified through their barycentric coordinate representations. the purpose of this e-book is to start up a completely analogous hunt for hyperbolic triangle facilities that would increase the repertoire of hyperbolic triangle facilities supplied the following.

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Let A1 A2 A3 be a triangle with incenter E0 and excenters Ek , k = 1, 2, 3, in a Euclidean space Rn , Fig. 11. 155) Excircle Tangency Points Let A1 A2 A3 be a triangle in a Euclidean space Rn , with excircles centered at the points Ek , k = 1, 2, 3, and let the tangency point where the A3 excircle meets the triangle side A1 A2 be T33 , as shown in Fig. 11, p. 42. The tangency point T33 is the perpendicular projection of the point E3 on the line LA1 A2 that passes through the points A1 and A2 , Fig.

63) for triangle A1 A2 A3 in Fig. 65) that triangle angles obey, we have the trigonometric elegant identities − sin2 α1 + sin2 α2 + sin2 α3 = 2 cos α1 sin α2 sin α3 sin2 α1 − sin2 α2 + sin2 α3 = 2 sin α1 cos α2 sin α3 where α3 = π − α1 − α2 . 69) = (tan α1 : tan α2 ) The altitude h3 of triangle A1 A2 A3 in Fig. 26), p. 12, of barycentric coordinate representations. Note that a31 = −a13 , so that a13 = a31 = a13 = a13 , etc. 71) in the notation of Fig. 72), the squared length h23 of altitude h3 , Fig.

May 25, 2010 13:33 WSPC/Book Trim Size for 9in x 6in ws-book9x6 PSfrag replacements 25 Euclidean Barycentric Coordinates A3 a13 P1 P2 a12 = −A1 + A2 , a12 = a12 a13 = −A1 + A3 , a13 = a13 a23 = −A2 + A3 , a23 = a23 H a2 3 A1 P3 A2 a12 α1 = ∠A2 A1 A3 a13 a12 a23 = = sin α1 sin α2 sin α3 α2 = ∠A1 A2 A3 α3 = ∠A1 A3 A2 Fig. 5 The Triangle Orthocenter H. A triangle orthocenter is the point at which the three altitudes are concurrent. The standard triangle index notation along with its law of sines is presented.

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