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By Anthony Riches

ISBN-10: 0340920335

ISBN-13: 9780340920336

ISBN-10: 1848948573

ISBN-13: 9781848948570

'A grasp of the style' The Times

The conflict of the misplaced Eagle stored Hadrian's Wall , however the new Roman governor of Britannia needs to stamp out the uprising of the northern tribes or chance wasting the province. Rampaging south with sword and flame below the command in their murderous chieftain Calgus, they've got stretched his forces to the limit.

For Marcus - now easily Centurion Corvus of the first Tungrian cohort - the crusade has turn into doubly risky. As reinforcements flood into Britannia he's surrounded through new officials without cause to guard him from the emperor's henchmen. loss of life may perhaps outcome from a clumsy notice as simply as from an enemy spear

Worse, one among them is shut on his heels. whereas Marcus is education centuries of Syrian archers to outlive a barbarian cost after which take the struggle again to their enemy, the recent prefect of the 2d Tungrians has stumbled on his mystery. just a miracle can store Marcus and the boys who defend him from shame and dying . . .

Anthony Riches once more brings meticulous examine including impressive storytelling to seize the real consider of what existence was once like for the Roman military in a brutal struggle with a remorseless enemy.

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As you keep saying. My people are expected to be happy with the head of a dead Roman officer and a meaningless metal bird on a stick when what they really need is their dead menfolk back. That, and an end to the killing. Can you magic forth either of those things from your bird on a stick, Calgus? At least we had peace with the Romans before this war, unlike your troublesome Selgovae. There were no forts on our territory before this revolt, whereas your lands were already studded with their outposts.

Everyone has one novel in them, or so the cliché goes, but from the moment I knew I’d sold three, the big question in my head was whether I could even deliver a second commercially acceptable story. Of course I knew the back-story that will see Marcus through the decades of the empire’s difficult transition to rule by Septimius Severus, and that controversial emperor’s reign, but could I actually write a story about the months following the battle of Lost Eagle? The answer, to my eventual relief (and a good deal of eye rolling by those close to me), was yes, I could.

A good part of the 9th Century was through the gate already, and in seconds they had an unbroken wall of shields raised across the gap between the first and second palisades, the other centuries clustering to their rear in the thin space between the walls. The wave of attackers crashed into them, hammering at the shield wall with swords and axes, while the Tungrians held them at bay and stabbed back at them with practised skill, aiming killing blows at their throats, bellies and thighs. Stuck behind the line, Marcus craned his neck to see what was happening behind the fort’s enraged defenders.

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