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By Andrew Liddle

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A concise, obtainable creation to this interesting and dynamic subject.* Adopts an process grounded in physics instead of mathematics.* comprises labored examples and pupil difficulties, in addition to tricks for fixing them and the numerical answers.* Many reviewers have commented that this is often the most effective 'introductory undergraduate point' texts at the topic and they'd all welcome a moment version.

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Find solutions for p(a), a(t) and hence p(t) for Universes containing such matter. Assume k = 0 in the Friedmann equation. What is the solution if p = — pc2? 4. 3, what value of 7 would be needed so that p has the same time dependence as the curvature term k/a 2 ? Find the solution a(t) to the full Friedmann equation for a fluid with this 7, assuming negative k. 5. The full Friedmann equation is d a Consider the case k > 0, with a Universe containing only matter (p = 0) so that p = p0/a3. ,a\ t(6) = gfc3/2 .

Describe qualitatively the behaviour of the Universe. Attempt to sketch a as a function of t. 6. Now consider the case k < 0, with a Universe containing only matter (p = 0) so that p = p 0 /a 3 . What is the solution a(t) in a situation where the final term of the Friedmann equation dominates over the density term? How does the density of matter vary with time? Is domination by the curvature term a stable situation that will continue forever? This page intentionally left blank Chapter 6 Observational Parameters The Big Bang model does not give a unique description of our present Universe, but rather leaves quantities such as the present expansion rate, or the present composition of the Universe, to be fixed by observation.

The circumference of a circle is less than 27rr. 1 Well, that's almost true. 3 for a way to bypass that conclusion. 2 Note that, apart from the equator, lines of latitude are not straight lines; this is why aeroplanes do not follow lines of latitude when flying, because they are not the shortest way to go! 2. 1 A sketch of a spherical surface, representing positive k. A triangle is shown which has three right angles! If you make the triangles or circles much smaller than the size of the Earth, then the Euclidean laws start to become a good approximation; certainly we don't have to worry about Euclidean laws being broken in our everyday existence (though the appreciation that the Earth is spherical is vital for the planning of long distance journeys).

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