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By Seyyed Hossein Nasr

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This is often the one e-book to house classical Islamic cosmology because it used to be formulated through the Ikhwan al-S'afa al Biruni and Ibn Sina throughout the 10th and 11th centuries. those figures encouraged the entire later centuries of Islamic heritage and in reality created the cosmological framework during which all later medical task within the Islamic international was once carried out--the enduring photograph of the cosmos in which Muslims have lived in the past millennium.

Nasr writes from in the Islamic culture and demonstrates how, in keeping with the lessons of the Quran and the Prophet, the figures taken care of during this paintings built-in components drawn from a variety of old colleges of philosophy and the sciences. This e-book is exclusive in its therapy of classical Islamic cosmology as noticeable from in the Islamic world-view and offers a key for realizing of conventional Islamic thought.

“…the quantity of educational literature dedicated to the best way in which Muslims in classical and medieval Islam anticipated the cosmos is negligible. There are, in spite of the fact that, a few noteworthy exceptions. An advent to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines is one in all them.” — Parabola

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Nasr, Science and Civilization in Islam (New York, 1970) and Islamic Science- An Illustrated Study (London. 1976); and M. Ullman, Die iVatur-und Geheimwissenschaften im Islam (Leiden, 1972). ISLAM AND THE STUDY OF NATURE 13 Ibn Sina, Abii Sulaiman al-Mantiqi, and Abii l;layyan al-Tawl;tidi lived and wrote. It was also a time when such important encyclopedias as the Mafati/:1. al-'ulum ofMul;lammad ibn Al;lmad ibn al-Khwarazmi, compiled in 366/976, 27 and the Fihrist of Ibn Nadim al-Warraq of 378/988, made their appearance in Islamic intellectual life.

For the "cyclic" notion of time in Islam, see Abil Bakr Siriij ad-Din, "The Islamic and Christian conceptions of the march of time," Islamic Quarterly, 1 :230ft' (1954). This notion does not imply a return to the same point after the passage of a certain period of time, but the presence of a number of periods from the beginning of creation to the last day which have points of correspondence with each other, and at the beginning of each of which God sends a prophet into the world to reaffirm the truth of the previous revelations which have been forgotten.

It was this common factor of seeking to discover and demonstrate the unicity of Nature among such ancient cosmological sciences as those of the Pythogoreans and Hermeticists that made them conformable to the form of the Islamic Revelation and easily assimilable into its perspective. "' The form of the Islamic Revelation was in this way directly responsible for the integration of the ancient sciences into Islam as well as for the types of sciences cultivated in the Muslim world itself. The doctrine of the unicity of Nature which is based upon that of Unity and which thus relies on the essence and spirit of the form of Revelation in Islam, is, therefore, the ultimate aim of all the sciences of Nature, and the degree to which a science succeeds in expressing thTs unicity the criterion by which the success and validity of that science are judged.

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