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3 Near wall grid node. In region of flow near a wall the velocities tend to zero at the wall, and hence there are zones where the local values of Rew are so small and the viscous effect is dominant. A large number of grid nodes are needed if the momentum equations are to be solved at each node. 64) The constants of the logarithmic law of the wall, κ and E, depend on the wall roughness. This wall function represents the dependence of the flux 41 Mathematical Modeling Technique of momentum to the wall on the turbulence characteristics at the point P remote from it.

A calculation procedure for heat, mass, and momentum transfer in three dimensional parabolic flows. Int. J. Heat & Mass Transfer 15, 1787–1799. 5. B. 1974. The numerical computation of turbulent flows. Computer Methods App. Mech. 3(2), 269–289.

This index is proposed to evaluate the airside design, and the effectiveness of the extraction port(s) location. 9 High ceiling diffuser design. 10 High ceiling diffuser flow pattern. 11 Fixed swirl diffusers for ceiling installations. 12 Heat removal efficiency Eh. 15 after Kameel and Khalil,11 with numerical procedures outlined in references 12 to 16. 3 Noise Criteria Noise produced by air grilles and supply outlets contributes to discomfort in the room and should be avoided at all times. To identify the spectrum content on noise, the use of noise criteria (NC) is proposed.

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