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By Max Allan Collins

ISBN-10: 0345451848

ISBN-13: 9780345451842

Secrets and techniques and betrayals, because the saga of darkish Angel continues!In a chaotic global the place the traces among solid and evil frequently blur, and violent anarchy and brutal repression develop into normal, secrets and techniques will be lethal. So while Max discovers a shattering fact that Logan has saved hid from her for years, the betrayal threatens the very essence in their trust.Yet whilst Logan is abducted, all questions of fact and loyalty are solid apart. Max’s seek will lead her to a well-recognized, menacing enemy—and again into the shadow of the Snake Cult, which waits for her with chilling anticipation.But the quest also will lead her into totally unforeseen territory. Locked within the struggle of her existence, Max will find a captive of the cult who supplies her with the only factor that has haunted her ever seeing that she escaped from Manticore. . . .

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Really. I... " Max laughed. "Yeah. " The lovely lesbian smiled and sat next to her. C. said, "Thanks, girlfriend—Original Cindy's gonna need the caffeine to get through this mother. " "I don't think I can take—" "You gonna hide from this? " "I know," Max admitted. "Sorry about last night... " She let out a long, tired breath. "Logan told you ... " "You mean, do I know about Seth? Yeah. And I'm sorry for your loss, honey ... " Original Cindy snorted. C. could bump it, but the woman made no move to complete the ritual.

C. grinned and took a long drink from her coffee. "Oh, it's a burden, baby ... " That question was hard to answer. Making a face, Original Cindy said, "That coffee's cold. " Max shook her head. " Worried, Original Cindy said, "That won't stop Original Cindy from houndin' you. " "Know what? " Original Cindy's face lit up. " "I suppose I owe it to him to at least.. " "See, girl? You ain't terminally infected with the bitch bug, after all! " Max yelped a laugh and gently slugged her friend's arm. 's smile melted into a frown.

Her mentor Moody had taught her that. "Sof' his'try, hard his'try ... " Original Cindy backed away and lifted her head and gazed down at Max, as if she were trying to see her better. "You look like Max and you sound like Max ... " Not at all in the mood for being kidded, Max turned away from her friend. " 'Cause if you was the real Max? " ". . " "... C. grinned. " Original Cindy punched her lightly in the shoulder. " Max managed a tiny grin. "Logan has always been there. " "Yeah. And that's somethin', ain't it, in this post-Pulse piece-of-shit world?

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