M. Perret Catipovic's Adolescence & Psychoanalysis: The Story and the History PDF

By M. Perret Catipovic

ISBN-10: 1855751992

ISBN-13: 9781855751996

This number of vintage and modern essays - from the likes of Freud, Blos and Laufer - makes an important contribution to the reassessment of psychoanalytic figuring out and remedy of adults.

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One of the clearest indications that a child will later become neurotic is to be seen in an insatiable demand for his parents' affection. And on the other hand neuropathic parents, who are inclined as a rule to display excessive affection, are precisely those who are most likely by their caresses to arouse the child's disposition to neurotic illness. Incidentally, this example shows that there are ways more direct than inheritance by which neurotic parents can hand their disorder on to their children.

She regards what she does as asexual, "pure" love, since, after all, she carefully avoids applying more excitations to the child's genitals than are unavoidable in nursery care. As we know, however, the sexual instinct is not aroused only by direct excitation of the genital zone. What we call affection will unfailingly show its effects one day on the genital zones as well. Moreover, if the mother understood more of the high importance of the part played by instincts in mental life as a whole -- in all its ethical and psychical achievements -she would spare herself any self-reproaches even after her enlightenment.

I refer to the difficulty in adolescent cases to draw the line between normality and pathology. As described above, adolescence constitutes by definition an interruption of peaceful growth which resembles in appearance a variety of other emotional upsets and structural upheavals. 2 The adolescent manifestations come close to symptom formation of the neurotic, psychotic, or dissocial order and merge almost imperceptibly into borderline states, initial, frustrated, or fully fledged forms of almost all the mental illnesses.

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