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By Diane Duane

ISBN-10: 0152055037

ISBN-13: 9780152055035

To provide Nita a holiday from magic, her mom and dad pack her off for a stick with her eccentric aunt in eire. yet Nita quickly reveals herself with a number of Irish wizards struggling with creatures from a nightmare land.

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You had to cross the dual carriageway, and then go up a twisty-turny road which the locals called 'the thirteen-bend road'. It paralleled the course of the Glencree River as it poured down through beautiful woodland. Occasional old houses were scattered along the way, but mostly the road was bounded by hedges on one side and walls on the other, and the river chattering on the far side of the hedge. They sat in the top of the bus. "I can't believe it," Ronan kept saying. "I mean, a Yank. " "Some of us have to be wizards," Nita said, rolling her eyes.

Uh, no," Nita said, thinking regretfully of Kit. He loved to dance. " "HerbuddyyyyyyV Nita grinned a little: she was now beyond the blushing point. Her sister had been teasing her about Kit for so long that this was a very minor sort of salvo by comparison. " one of the girls said, clearly teasing, to judge by the young guy massaging her shoulders at the moment. Nita arched her eyebrows. " said the group, and started punching one another and making lewd remarks, only about half of which Nita understood.

The door shut in her face, and Nita stood there on the doorstep, feeling like an idiot. After a moment Ronan came out again, and they walked. "Let's get out of here," he said. Not seen with me? Or what ? " she said as they made their way down to the Boghall Road. "No, it's just. " He didn't say what it was just. "Never mind. You meanyou're a. " Nita said, both irritated and amused. "There's more stuff to talk about. Listen. This going "sideways" thing. " "Going "sideways"," Nita said, getting a little more irritable.

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