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By Bertrice Small

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"Bertrice Small does not simply push the boundaries, she reinvents them." (Literary instances) "Bertrice Small creates cover-to-cover ardour, a willing experience of background and suspense." (Publishers Weekly) during this sweeping ancient epic that includes Skye O'Malley's brother, Conn, Bertrice Small-the "reigning queen of romance"*-chronicles the lives of 2 fanatics separated via the royal deceptions of sixteenth century Europe...

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She also had masses of warm reddish-chestnut hair, and light blue eyes that reminded him of the pale skies at dawn. Her expression was so incredibly sweet, her manner so pleasing that he was, to his surprise, very anxious to make her happy. When he had undressed her on their wedding night her skin had seemed wondrously fair to his experienced and jaded eyes. She had stood proudly before him in the flickering golden candlelight, confident in her youthful nudity, totaly unashamed of her magnificent body.

So the wench is lifting her skirts behind my back, is she? Elizabeth hated it when her women played the wanton, and far too many of them did these days. " she demanded. "A-aye, yer majesty," came the nervous reply. "And yet just minutes ago I sought to find something within that very basket, and it was a jumble with nothing in its proper place. It would appear, Mistress Taileboys, that yer interests lay in other directions than serving yer queen. " With a shriek of dismay Althea Taileboys flung herself across the queen's dayroom, and at the queen's feet.

It was easy to forgive Aidan her female gender for her mother would give him other children, strong sons to match the healthy daughter. When she did not, it didn't matter, for he had already given that part of his heart that wasn't his wife's to his daughter. Now she would be alone, and what would become of her? he fretted to himself. Would the queen to whom he was entrusting the wardship of his precious child realy see to Aidan's happiness? When he had been, able to clearly face his fate he had written to the sovereign placing Aidan's keeping in her charge, askirig that Elizabeth Tudor see his daughter safely married to a good man of at least equal rank.

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