A Ferocious Opening Repertoire by Cyrus Lakdawala PDF

By Cyrus Lakdawala

ISBN-10: 1857446615

ISBN-13: 9781857446616

Bored with enjoying the standard openings? uninterested in stuffy commencing concept? This e-book offers a welcome antidote! Former American Open Champion Cyrus Lakdawala provides a number vicious guns for White in a repertoire that is ideal if you happen to have little time for learn, yet get pleasure from taking rivals out in their convenience zones and inflicting them difficulties from the very starting. The repertoire's spine is supplied via the competitive Veresov establishing (1 d4, 2 Nc3 and three Bg5) and this weapon is followed by means of both adverse ideas opposed to different Black attempts corresponding to the French, Caro-Kann, Dutch, Benoni, Pirc and Philidor. those guns are perfect offerings should you enjoy forcing competitors into chaotic, uncomfortable positions. *Opening guns to surprise and confound rivals *Covers all of Black's major defences *Includes online game summaries with key issues to recollect

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8. Re l . a6 40 . CARDOZA PUBLISHING • CHESS OPENING TRAP OF THE DAY analysis: qfler 13. Qyh7f 31. DAMIANO DEFENSE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. e7 Nf6 d5 Nbd7 He doesn't do that. 9. Bxf6 10. f3 1 1 . Nd2 Black's opening is tricky but infe­ rior and so far White has done ev­ erything right . But he has to know how to extricate his queen from the corner. The best way is 9. Nc3 c6 1 0. h4 Kf7 1 1. h5 and the queen gets out after 1 l.. Bg7 12. hxg6t Kxg6 1 3. Qxh7t etc. 41 Nxf6 Kf7 Bg7 The White queen is trapped and lost.

A4, to stop Black from expanding on the queenside. 8. Be3 Bb3 9. b4 Mter the c3-knight moves, Black wins an important center pawn for free, I O . Nxe4. b5 .. 48 CARDOZA PUBLISHING • CHESS OPENING TRAP OF THE DAY 39. PHILIDOR DEFENSE 1. 2. 3. 4. e4 N£3 d4 c3 e5 d6 Nd7 Ne7 Playing the king-knight to e7 jams Black up. The most natural placement for the knight was 4 . Ng8-f6. 5 . dxe5 6. Bc4 Black can't stop the invasion at fl . About the only thing we can see is 7 . Nc5, but then comes 8 . Bxf7t Kd7 9.

F4 3. Nc3 e5 d6 Be6 5. f5 In the developing stage the short­ stepping knights should ge t prefer­ ence over the long-st riding bishops. 4. Nf3 Notice how White brings out his knights. 4. The light-squared bishop is com­ pletely hemmed in and is lost. Black did this to himself. Nd7 Black decides to bring out a knight, but he puts it on the wrong square. Better was 4.. Nc6, guard­ ing the e5-pawn, without jamming in the bishop. 32 CARDOZA PUBLISHING • CHESS OPENING TRAP OF THE DAY 23. KING'S GAMBIT 1 .

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