New PDF release: 50 Great Myths of Human Sexuality

By Pepper Schwartz, Martha Kempner

ISBN-10: 1118611209

ISBN-13: 9781118611203

50 nice Myths of Human Sexualityseeks to dispel mostly approved myths and misunderstandings surrounding human sexuality, delivering an enlightening, attention-grabbing and tough ebook that covers the fifty components the author's think members needs to comprehend to have a secure, gratifying and fit intercourse life.

Dispels/Explores mostly approved myths and misunderstandings surrounding human sexuality.

Includes comparisons to different nations and cultures exploring diverse ideals and the way societies can impact perceptions.

Areas mentioned comprise: pre-marital intercourse, masturbation, sexual illnesses, delusion, pornography, relationships, birth control, and feelings comparable to jealousy, physique photograph lack of confidence, passionate love and sexual aggression.

Covers either heterosexual and same-sex relationships.

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