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Catalina Pawn Serves the Local Community

Many people are feeling a financial crunch in today’s unsteady economy. That is why Catalina Pawn has stepped up to help the surrounding area by offering to buy used merchandise outright or accept it as collateral for loans. Our goal is to help you get money in your pocket that you can use to pay the mortgage, go shopping for food, and keep your phone service turned on. It does not matter why you need money. Catalina Pawn wants to help you get it. We recognize the value of a good bargain, too. That’s why we invite you to shop at our store and stretch your dollar further. Our used goods are priced more reasonably that you will find at other local jewelry stores of pawn shops. That means you get more value for your hard-earned money. Our customers appreciate variety, so we proudly keep our store stocked with fresh merchandise that arrives daily and makes every shopping experience unique even for visitors who come to our store every day. Whether you are interested in used costume jewelry or used silver and gold jewelry, we have something to pique your interest.

We are always looking to buy and will pay top dollar for the following Items:

Digital camera
Game consoles
Car audio
Fine jewelry
Outdoor Gear
Desktop Computers
Laptop Computers

The World Revolves Around Our Customers

At Catalina Pawn, we know that our customers make the world go around. There is nothing more important to us than making sure our treasured customers get the treatment that they deserve when they turn to us for their lending needs. We make every attempt to offer as much as we can for your items. Maybe you have unwanted or unused goods or jewelry lying around your home. Bring in your gold and silver jewelry, used electronics and other items to Catalina Pawn for the fairest prices and the best customer service. You have nothing to lose and much to gain. Remember. You are in control. If you don’t believe that we are offering you the best price for your items, then you are under no obligation to leave them with us. Accept the deal only if you are 100% satisfied that you are being treated fairly.

The Benefits of Pawn Loans

If you are unfamiliar with the world of pawn loans, then you probably have some concerns about how they work. You will be happy to know that pawn loans have many benefits that can help you. Since pawn loans use your merchandise as collateral, you will not be subjected to any embarrassing or intrusive credit checks. You won’t need to supply pay stubs, and you won’t be turned down due to bad credit or no credit. Catalina Pawn will give you a generous 90-day repayment plan to pay off the loan and retrieve your items. If you cannot repay the loan after 90 days, you may qualify for an extension simply by paying off all the interest that is due. You may continue to take advantage of these extensions as many times as you need, provided that you satisfy the interest. The number of loans you may take out is only limited by the amount of acceptable collateral you have; we are happy to provide multiple loans to meet your needs. Please visit www.catalinapawn.com for more details.

Gold Buyers Tucson | Sell Gold Catalina | Gold Buyers Oro Valley | Sell Gold Tucson


We are always available for our valued clients. Please let us know of any way we can assist you or make your website to our website more pleasant. Look forward to hearing from you, Catalina Pawn team.

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