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The Staff at Catalina Pawn Is Trained and Experienced

Catalina Pawn is more than just a pawn shop. It is a team of individuals who are dedicated to making customers happy. Our staff is experienced in appraising your items and providing pawn loans based on the value of your collateral. That means you can receive a loan backed by your collateral without the inconvenience of credit checks or employment history checks. Our staff is trained to give you the maximum value possible for your merchandise. You won’t find a better deal at any other local establishment.

We are always looking to buy and will pay top dollar for the following Items:

Digital camera
Game consoles
Car audio
Fine jewelry
Outdoor Gear
Desktop Computers
Laptop Computers

Catalina Pawn Welcomes You to Visit Our Store

At Catalina Pawn, we recognize the importance of all our customers. If you have visited us in the past, we would like to invite you to return to the store and see what is new. If you have never done business with us, we would appreciate the opportunity to show you everything that we have to offer. You can visit us in person at our Catalina, AZ store. For more information, please visit our website at www.catalinapawn.com. We are looking forward to meeting with you to discuss collateral loans, purchase your used goods or sell you some great merchandise that we stock in our store daily.

Your Rights Are Protected at Catalina Pawn

Would it surprise you to learn that pawn shops are regulated by federal, state and local laws? It’s true. Pawn shops such as Catalina Pawn follow all the laws that have been enacted to protect consumers. We do not sell stolen or counterfeit merchandise. Instead, we sell only goods that have been provided to us by their original owners. We even use an online database designed to keep stolen goods out of the marketplace. Our dedication to our customers and our local community is very important. Every item that we accept is held for a 30-day period. During that time, local authorities ensure that the merchandise is suitable for resale to members of our community; we cooperate fully with their recommendations and guidelines. Protecting your rights includes protecting your privacy. We will not provide your personal information to anyone, and your transactions are kept strictly confidential.

Your Merchandise Is Protected at Catalina Pawn

We feel that it is important to protect your rights here at Catalina Pawn, but it is equally important to protect your merchandise. When you entrust us with your belongings as collateral for a pawn loan, we keep those belongings safe and secure until you come to retrieve them. Valuables, including jewelry, are kept in a secure, locked location and insured for their loan value. In addition, we use a sophisticated computer tracking system to organize merchandise so that it can easily be located and reunited with its owners. To protect your merchandise further, we will not release your items to anyone else but you upon repayment of your loan. We can make an exception only if you provide a designated representative with a notarized letter of permission to redeem your belongings upon full repayment.

Catalina Shopping | Oro Valley Shopping | Catalina Thrift Store | Oro Valley Thrift Store


We are always available for our valued clients. Please let us know of any way we can assist you or make your website to our website more pleasant. Look forward to hearing from you, Catalina Pawn team.

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