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Catalina Pawn helps members of the local community in several different ways. We offer easy loans with no credit checks that are secured by your collateral. We pay cash for your merchandise to purchase it outright. We also offer a fully stocked store where you can shop for discounted goods and bargains that you won’t find anywhere else. Catalina Pawn is the place to go when you need a quick pawn loan, but it is also the place to go if you want to buy an engagement ring, iPad, iPod, digital cameras or other electronics. We also buy and sell items like tools, DVDs, musical instruments and sporting goods.

We are always looking to buy and will pay top dollar for the following Items:

Digital camera
Game consoles
Car audio
Fine jewelry
Outdoor Gear
Desktop Computers
Laptop Computers

Never Pay Full Price for Jewelry Again

At Catalina Pawn, you can buy diamonds at discounts up to 75 percent. We offer silver and gold jewelry at affordable prices that are far below what you would pay at a typical jewelry store. Buying diamond rings, pendants or necklaces here is a smart choice that will save you money so you can get a lot more bang for the buck. Plus, we can provide an elegant jewelry gift box with every jewelry item that we sell. That means the recipient of your gift will never guess that it came from a pawn store and not an overpriced jewelry store. New items are added daily, so check back often, and you are sure to find that special, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that you can’t live without. You don’t have to worry about quality because our staff is experienced on how to evaluate, appraise and price jewelry. Each piece of jewelry that comes into the store is meticulously examined using a jeweler’s loupe. In addition, a member of our staff will note the weight of the piece, the carat weight of the diamonds and the cut, color and clarity of each individual diamond. One of our employees will further examine the item to determine the karat of the gold. This is accomplished through a process that uses a special acid. What does all this mean? It means that you will know exactly what you are buying when you purchase one of our pieces of jewelry. Our items are priced very reasonably, and knowing what you are getting will enable you to recognize the value that we offer.

Customers Are Raving About Catalina Pawn

Catalina Pawn cares about its customers, and they aren’t afraid to show it. This local pawn shop is getting rave reviews from people who had positive experiences at the store. One local man boasted about the quality engagement ring that he bought for his fiance and said that he never would have been able to afford a ring like that at another establishment. Another man bought his wife the perfect anniversary gift without overspending his budget. Meanwhile, a woman from Oro Valley whose family was having difficult making ends meet brought unused merchandise to the store and received a fair price that she was very happy with. Visit www.catalinapawn.com to find out how Catalina Pawn can help you, too.

Pawn Shop Catalina | Pawn Shop Oro Valley | Catalina Pawn Shop | Oro Valley Pawn Shop


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